Is Donald Trump the Real Problem?

Is Donald Trump the real problem in America’s partisan divisiveness and political polarization? It’s an important political question but also an important spiritual question.

00:00 – Introduction
01:20 – Question: How can Americans vote for Trump?
01:52 – Not just a political question
02:36 – Why the question is vitally important
02:55 – Christian support for Trump makes no sense
03:27 – Is Donald Trump the real problem?
03:48 – Trump is a symptom of a bigger issue
03:55 – The real problem
04:05 – My academic research on the subject
05:02 – Compensatory Control Theory (CCT)
06:39 – Attachment to Trump a symptom of mass anxiety
07:25 – Evangelical Christianity a source of anxiety
08:02 – The example of the golden calf
10:05 – Trump a modern golden calf and deified prop
10:34 – Examples why this isn’t hyperbole
11:58 – Anxiety and fear are great tools for manipulators
12:59 – “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”
13:16 – The real problem is the darkness of lies
14:14 – It’s a mind game that works by amplifying fear
14:38 – Donald Trump is a tool of Christian Nationalists
15:07 – Combating the darkness of political manipulation
18:14 – Rejecting lies about the 2024 election
18:35 – Rejecting political golden calves
19:18 – Closing words and blessing

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