Can You Find TRUE Spirituality?

TRUE spirituality is measured according to its effects, much like a good diet or good exercise are known by their beneficial effects on the body, or how the right tools are known by their constructive effects upon the success of a project. Which means we have to ask . . . What is true spirituality, and what should be the effect, or effects, of true spirituality? Is it about personal enlightenment? Or elevated consciousness? Or self-realization? Or union with the Divine? Or better mental and physical health and well-being? Or forgiveness of sins and the salvation of one’s eternal soul?

Or . . . could it be that it’s NONE of these things?

And is there such a thing as “true” spirituality?

Yes! There absolutely is!


00:00 – Intro

00:55 – PART 1 – Different definitions of spirituality
01:56 – Religious spirituality in Judaism
03:18 – Religious spirituality in Christianity
05:37 – Religious spirituality in Islam

10:44 – PART 2 – Issues with these spiritualities
11:26 – Problems with religious spirituality
14:12 – Problems with secular spirituality
15:29 – Problems with metaphysical spirituality

17:19 – PART 3 – What is TRUE spirituality?
17:36 – Definitions of spirituality are subjective
18:16 – The standard for measuring true spirituality
18:51 – The root of the word “spirituality”
19:08 – What spirituality means
19:29 – True spirituality is known by its effects
19:46 – True spirituality is a shared endeavor
19:55 – Balancing the critiques of spiritualities
21:50 – True spirituality is about authentic freedom
22:30 – Jesuin definition of true spirituality
22:50 – Standard of measure for determining trueness

24:24 – PART 4 – How do we “do” true spirituality?
24:37 – The analogy of physical fitness regimens
25:12 – Jesuin spirituality (Jesuin Askesis)
25:26 – The Askesis of AWARENESS
28:02 – How to know the substance of Oneness
28:50 – How to induce Awareness
29:02 – The Askesis of AWAKENING
29:47 – The Askesis of ABIDING
30:22 – Abiding is the active doing of Oneness
30:40 – Love is the heart of Abiding
31:57 – Many ways to practice Abiding
32:17 – A note on Jesuin Sabbath
32:53 – Jesuin spirituality is a pursuit of purpose
33:11 – Parable of the Neighbor as our key model

34:10 – Outro

The Book of the Jesuin shares a remarkable vision woven within an inspiring story that presents a believable—indeed an acceptable—tale of the man known as Jesus.

Written in chapter-and-verse style, and grounded in both rational inquiry and spiritual insight, The Book of the Jesuin asserts that the Christian Gospels are contrived myths which obscured the real man Jesus, but that they nonetheless contain clues by which his true identity and message can be uncovered. Drawing on those clues, the Book then shares the story called The Acceptable Tale of Jesus of Galilee which proposes a far more plausible series of events whereby the real man Jesus actually survived his crucifixion thanks to a daring and unexpected rescue, and then as a result abandoned his original apocalyptic mission after awakening to a glorious new vision for the restoration of human dignity in which he reveals the very purpose of all humankind and how to achieve it.