An Unquenchable Pursuit of Joy

Several years ago I reached the end of a long and harrowing journey across the landscape of religion where I took my exodus from Christianity, traversed the “wilderness” where I underwent a life-changing spiritual deconstruction, and then found myself beginning an entirely new journey, an unexpected journey of finding faith after leaving religion.

Unlike many who leave traditional institutional religion, I don’t embrace the identity of “atheist,” which today carries connotations of anti-religious and anti-faith sentiments, and even militant intolerance. While I do not believe in any deity, “atheist” and what it connotes simply does not describe me.

The journey which has brought me thus far to this point has been both colorful and circuitous.

Over the course of twenty-five years I enjoyed two careers in two different industries . . . the IT and digital technology sector where my work spanned from digital design and marketing to data operations and then into management, and the legal sector where I was a professional legal writer.

By way of my academic background, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology from Arizona State University, where my research concentration in my major was medical and psychological anthropology with a specific interest in psychological stress and trauma in relation to exposure to high-control religious groups and their cultures of indoctrination and socialization.

But the underlying current of what has always driven me, and still drives me, is my deep sense of spirituality and Oneness, and a heart for upholding human dignity. And so in 2022, after twenty-five years of successfully hiking the corporate career path, I made the decision to leave that path and take some time to contemplate and discern my “calling” in terms of dedicating myself to endeavors that aligned with what was most meaningful in my life. The result was my decision in 2024 to launch this endeavor — The Jesuin Podcast with Jay Piers Rogerson — with the aim of sharing the blessings of my own journey wherein I found faith after leaving religion, particularly as it relates to my experience in and exodus from Christianity, and my eventual discovery and embrace of the Jesuin faith.

We human beings are a deeply meaning-seeking and meaning-making species, and while many find or create meaning within religious faith, my experience has taught me that “faith” isn’t the sole property of religion, but is an act of fundamental human will and discovery that awakens our very soul.

I often describe how I do life, in all of its facets, as an unquenchable pursuit of joy. And it is my desire to share as much of a measure of that joy as I can with all whom I encounter.